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Tuna Tower with Wasabi-Avocado Sauce

Updated: May 13, 2022

Turning tuna into an elegant appetizer by towering it up on a bed of wasabi-avocado sauce.

Ingredients for 2-4:

Avocado 1 (1/2 to be diced and 1/2 for the sauce)

Cucumber* 5 inches

Rice vinegar 1 tablespoon + 1 tablespoon

Chilli 1 (optional)

Sushi grade tuna 6-7 oz

Low sodium soy sauce 2 tablespoons

Ponzu sauce (citrus soy sauce) 1 tablespoon

Wasabi paste 1 teaspoon

Radish sprouts or micro green 1 teaspoon (for garnish)

  1. Dice 1/2 of avocado and about 5 inches of cucumber in to small cubes (about 1/4 inch). Toss them into a small bowl and pour in one tablespoon of rice vinegar. Set it aside.

  2. If you would like some heat, cut a piece of chill and add it to the cucumber and avocado bowl.

  3. With a very sharp knife, cut tuna into about 1/4 inch dice. Try to cube it with a slow and steady one stroke without seesawing the knife which destroy raw fish. Put them in to another bowl and add soy sauce and ponzu. Keep it refrigerated with a plastic wrap over the bowl.

  4. To make wasabi-avocado sauce, in a small bowl, mush remaining avocado with a tablespoon of rice vinegar. Add wasabi and mix it until very smooth as sauce consistency.

  5. For assembling a tuna tower, use a round food mold or round cookie cutter (about 3” diameters). Place a mold in the middle of a plate. Dip the back of a spoon in a wasabi-avocado bowl, and brush the plate with sauce by sliding the back of a spoon on to the plate slowly.

  6. Once you brushed the sauce on the plate, add cucumber and avocado mix (without the sauce) in to a mold and press it firmly. Next add tuna on top and press firmly without smushing tuna. Garnish with sprouts and serve immediately.

*Japanese cucumber or Persian cucumber works the best for this dish.

Note: If you do not have a mold that would work for this dish, you can use small shot glasses as a serving alternative.

Watch directions on YouTube.

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