The Crack Shack

30 W Green Street
Pasadena, CA

(424) 901-0077

Big roosters welcome you when you first walk in to this place. Their fried jidori chicken is scrumptious and little spicy. Their french fries are so good with multiple sauces that you can choose from. Not a fried food person? Don't worry, they have multiple tasty salads. I always order their downward-dog salad with avocado hummus and quinoa. This place quickly became our favorite place to go for an easy lunch and/or dinner. Other locations include Century City, San Diego, Costa Mesa, Las Vegas, and more.


649 S. Olive St.
Los Angeles, CA 90014

(213) 358-0000

This is a sister restaurant to the NoMad in New York. Located at the NoMad Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. The menu reflects the demographics of L.A. which include influence of  and Asian cuisine. Don't forget to check out the restroom downstairs! 

Tilt Coffee Bar

334 South Main Street Kiosk#1,

Los Angeles, CA 90013

Located at a shared office space in downtown LA and it is hidden from the main street. Their coffee is mild and perfectly served. There is a nice room separate from the main coffee shop; great place to bring your laptop and work, or just read over your perfect cup of coffee!

Republic Coffee Lounge

854 E Green St.
Pasadena, CA 91101

(626) 529 4717

Opened recently in 2019, this cafe is quite busy especially on weekends. The owner told us that the coffee is supposed to be served at a certain temperature which is lower than most people are used to. He can make your coffee hotter if you ask him to. Try some of their pasties, too. 

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