Want to try cooking Japanese dishes? Here are some of the things you will need.

    Here are some basic condiments you want to have to cook Japanese dishes:

  • Soy sauce:  low sodium is sugested

  • Tamari sauce:  it is gluten free so this comes in handy for substituting soy sauce, which has gluten.

  • Sake: cooking sake is available, and you can also get a small container of sake at a liquor shop.

  • Mirin: it acts as a sweetner and this is a key ingredients to make teriyaki sauce.

  • Miso: there are white miso, red miso and a combination of these two. I suggest white miso first. 

White Miso Marinated Fish:


This traditional dish is on a menu at some of the worldly well known restaurants such as Nobu and Zuma. After a quick trip to your near-by Japanese grocery market, you can easily make this at home. Buttery fish such as black cod or tooth fish work really well for this scrumptious dish. 

Green Vegetables with Soy Sauce & Wasabi: 


This spicy vegetable side dish is very easy to make and you could be addicted!  

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