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【Junko Keller】

Born in Tokyo, Japan and resides in Southern California. Food stylist, recipe developer, food photographer, cooking instructor and a cookbook author.

Get to know Junko



Growing up in Tokyo, Japan, I always enjoyed cooking.  My favorite dishes are the ones my mother made.  As a young girl, I loved to cook without a recipe to explore my own culinary curiosities. Tokyo also exposed me to some of the finest restaurants in the world. As a family, we had our favorite restaurants for sushi, soba and udon noodle, tonkatsu, kaiseki, and more.   

I also attended courses at culinary schools, including Culinary Institute of America. Some of the dishes I enjoy cooking and eating are originated from Middle Eastern countries, Thailand, India, and Japan.  

After having lived in the U.S.A. for over 20 years, I had an opportunity to go back and live in Tokyo. There, I taught Japanese home cooking to expatriate community, and North American cooking to Japanese ladies for about 4 years. I had a chance to meet over 300 people in my kitchen during our stay in Tokyo. 

When we made our new home in Hong Kong, I held various culinary instructions for multicultural communities in Hong Kong as well as in Shen Zhen, China.  

Now we are back in Southern California, I am ready to share my culinary experiences from around the world. My cooking style is simple, healthy and elegant. I look forward to meeting you soon!



夫の転勤で日本に移転となった際にはS&J Lifestyle Cooking Class を東京・六本木の自宅で主催し、アメリカンスタイルのおもてなし料理とテーブルコーディネートを指導しました。数年で「予約の取れない教室」にまで広がりました。また各国大使館員、大使館員婦人らをふくめた海外駐在エクゼクティブ夫人には英語で日本の家庭料理を指導しました。


その後香港に移転し、教室名をLiving With Accentsと改名し、Repulse Bayにてアメリカンスタイルのおもてなし料理とテーブルコーディネートを日本語で、欧米人向けの英語での日本の家庭料理教室を開催し、中国深センでの婦人クラブにて、テーブルコーディネートやローフードのレッスンも行なってきました。